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Whether the Stock Markets move up or down, it's ok or it makes no difference in Options Trading because you buy CALL when the trend is bullish and buy PUT when it's bearish.

Options derivative market is a money bank for those who have the skills to withdraw the money by mean of "OPTION ATM CARD". This is instant cash - unlimited - waiting to be withdrawn. This is a fact, not dream.

There are many requisites of skills, experiences, intelligence,swift decision making, optimum foresight over market sentiments, over velocity of momentum as reflected by the charting; and a deep knowledge of the character of the traded derivative and speed of Buy-Sell counter transaction for the said derivative (per contract) are inevitable for a winning trade. With these winning knowledge and skills, risks are avoided so that winning chances are maximized.

The ultimate winning factors are:

1. More than sufficient capital in the trading account.

2. Volume of Contract per entry: whether buy CALL or PUT.

3. Don't be greedy: Take profit when there is profit (net). 

This is a solid way to make money. A capital of $100k and above. If you are not rich enough, don't try. With a skilled and proven hand, an attractive ROI is achievable. This is proven: There are many traders who are successful, earning very good incomes for themselves and for their clients/investors.

As the investor, you don't need to have all the skills because your Trader is doing the trading for you: It's your money makes money for you!



Options Trader is a Wall Street profession, respected, intelligent, wise, knowledgeable, calm and decisive. Always up to date knowledge in politic, economics, IT and of course the stocks markets. He makes hundreds of thousands or millions for his clients or for himself in a year.


Notes on Options Trading:

There are thousands of websites about FOREX and BINARY OPTIONS telling readers that one can trade and win with small capital, as small as $300. This is BS. Instead your small capital would be consumed by the commission charges. This is the truth behind.

In fact, Options Trading is not for small timer because you cannot make money with small contract below 100 per trade. You'll lose all your money eaten up by the commission charges, and void of the large volume (100 contracts and above per trade) leverage advantage and speed of making money in the minutes, you'll be burnt. Behind every successful trader are the success-proven skills and the amount of capital.

You must have sufficient capital to allow change (roll) of existing position when current trend signals danger is looming. Sufficient capital is liken unto driving a car which you can reverse when needed. Behind every successful trader are the success-proven skills and the amount of capital.

Options derivative market is a money bank for those who have the skills to withdraw the money by mean of "OPTION ATM CARD". This is instant cash - unlimited - waiting to be withdrawn. This is a fact, not a dream!

Options Trading

Asset Monetization (MT760 or Cash)

Secured & tailor-made trade offer  
Private Placement Program 

Several Traders/Platforms/Financial Operators, Trade Desks in Europe, Asia

Minimum USD/EUR 10/50/100/500M Cash currently on deposit into a Prime Bank acceptable.  Any amount in a shot is possible.

The Trader arranges multiple trading accounts. 

The Trader allocates one of his available Credit Line, delivered against the commitment of the Client's Funds to the Trader and then the Trading Facility (Private Placement Program) will start effectively. The Gross Profits/Returns of the Trading Facility are split transparently. In exchange for the commitment of the Client’s Funds, the Client receives the Profits/Returns of the Trading Facility allocated for the projects' funding of the Client, upon the execution of all necessary legal mutual commitments to be detailed in a trade and investment Agreement. A Private Placement is for project funding. However, The Platform can assist real Clients without Projects, they can assign Projects to Clients (from client's field of business) to own and finance. 

The underlying of the trading is a secured buy/sell trading operation of MTN life notes … providing for a “no loss” trading facility where the Client’s capital is under no effective threat of depletion; specially designed by the Operator. (No Shares Trading, No CFDs & Forex Trading, No Binary Options Trading, No Commodities Trading, No Financial Derivatives, No Futures & Options...).

Leased funds, borrowed funds, funds assigned to the Client for his use are not an acceptable Asset. 

Any Funds currently blocked in favour of any party even if Blocked in favour of the Account Owner are not acceptable. If the Funds are already blocked, they do not qualify. Before a Client submits, please ask the Bank to unblock the Funds first. 


No Beneficiary of a Bank Draft/BG/SBLC/Block Funds... The Client must be the Sender/Beneficial Owner of the Funds who is able to conditionally commit his Funds to the licensed Trader.


We can introduce the Funds Owner with minimum 100/120M Cash to a licensed principal Trader (reliable, performing). The Head of a very Large Platform... Not limited to one bank, one place. Any amount in a shot is possible. The Trader arranges multiple trading accounts, not client's worry. 

Generally, this Large Platform is not motivated to take less than 500M (Trade is in tranches of 500M), but Platform can consider and accept files from us (smaller too but hardly less than 100-200M). Final approval is by trade system / authorities in charge.

If the Funds are < 100M, we do have some other opportunity, but it is only on a case-by-case basis. Open from time to time. When the file is completed and considered, the Client will get a straight answer, no any time wasting nor empty promises.

We draw your attention to the fact that you can contact us only if you have a compliance package, with all the documents requested in your hands. We only work on complete and concrete files. 

When we have a recent two-signature bank-endorsed Proof of Funds POF (Bank Tear Sheet / Bank Statement) issued by the Bank, dating less than 5 [Five] calendar days, with the business cards of the 2 Bank Officers + the Screenshot/Printout from the online/internet banking account [Of the Day], together with other documents ("Know Your Customer" KYC / "Client Information Sheet" CIS, passport), the Trader can run Due Diligence in system. Then, after compliance approval, we will plan the Call with the Platform for the Trade Offer, explanation, implementation. The KYC must have true wet signature original (no copy/paste of the image of the signature) + initials. If the signature and initials are copy-paste, we reject the file. The KYC need to be printed out and then signed, and finally scanned in PDF. We draw your attention to the fact that, in the framework of the Due Diligence, a clear History of Funds needs to be presented indicating nature of business of the client and how funds were acquired. To state in an affidavit that funds are clean and clear and legally acquired is NOT SUFFICIENT.

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