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  • Funding for jump-starting 
  • Pursuing a strategic acquisition
  • Expansion of shareholder base
  • Preparing for IPO
  • Shareholder diversification  

Stock Loan (Financing)


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We are a direct lender.

Entire process will take 2-4 weeks.

Annual interest of only 3.5%-6%.

Loan to Value (LTV) up to 80% of value of stock.

Most publicly traded companies in the world are eligible.

The shares are deposited in to a bank/broker custodian account or transferred to lender.

The shares are never short-traded

Minimum loan amount of $250K and maximum $500M*.

Non-recourse loans, no corporate or personal guarantee required.

Only requirement is that the shares must have trading liquidity.

Loan term is min 24 months max 10 years and can be extended.

Loan will be closed remotely and funds can be disbursed in any currency and free to be

transferred anywhere.

No borrower requirement.

Securities are the collateral.

Loan is against securities, not borrower.

No buyer qualification required.

Loan proceeds to be used for any purpose and not restricted in any way.

Dividends if any, are paid to securities owner because owner is still official owner of record.

Simple interest is paid quarterly.

Stock must be in electronic form and unrestricted.

Project Financing

Stock Loan (Financing)

We have established relationship with  German Corporation with proven records of delivered projects worldwide. They are open to viable projects as JV business partner who provides the funds and the technology (all energy projects). Our UAE investors or Lenders with ready funds are RWA to review viable business opportunities



  • Renewable Energy Power Plant ( Solar, Wind, Biomass, Hydro, Geothemal)
  • IT innovative start up
  • Real Estate, Mix development, Resort and Hotel, Educational and Hospital
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Infrastructure, MRT, Port, Airport, Terminals, Warehouse